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Our Services

At Kingdom Chiropractic, we believe in a multifaceted clinical approach. This means that we believe in using many forms of treatments to optimize patient wellness. We tailor treatment as needed, for each specific patient and their individual needs.  

Chiropractic Adjustment 

The cornerstone of what we do is the Chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment improves health, sleep, well-being, immune system function, mobility, and strength. It also decrease stress, pain, aches, bad posture, injuries, disease, and prescription medication use.

Treatment of Chronic Pain

We have an amazing track record with helping patients to relieve chronic headaches, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, persistent numbness and tingling, and sciatica.

Soft Tissue Work 

At Kingdom Chiropractic we understand the importance of maintaining and rehabilitating the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Benefits of soft tissue work include reducing inflammation of the joint, improved range of motion and flexibility, improved oxygen flow, and enhanced athletic performance.

Decompression Therapy 

The benefits of Decompression Therapy include: restored movement, mobility, and function, relief from pain, numbness and tingling, aids in prevention of further degeneration of discs and nerves in the spine, and it is a non-surgical option for treating back pain.

Exercise Therapy 

Exercise therapy is an effective way for us to work with the muscles to decrease nerve irritation, further reduce the need for medication, and prevent future injuries by creating stability.  Exercise therapy is always patient-centered and custom-tailored.

Medical Massage 

Medical massage is a beneficial addition to our cornerstone chiropractic adjustment. Utilizing this specific therapeutic technique enables patients to expediate their healing process and results. 

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